Editorial Guidelines

This is why we publish things like how we generate money and why we adhere to editorial rules so that we can maintain our integrity. And we do all this so that you may use our tools, get our information, and make use of our suggestions with clarity and assurance.

Our vision

Imagine a future in which everyone is capable of making sound financial judgments.

Our mission

Make it easier to make all of life’s financial choices by providing clarity.

Follow Cost‘s editors work hard to put out information that is not only true but also useful, in the hopes that it will both inspire and help the people who read the website.

The techniques by which we find our sources, produce our reports and edit our articles are guided by our editorial values and standards. We use a stringent procedure for verifying the facts, and we are quick and thorough in correcting any inaccuracies that are found.

Editorial independence is a basic principle. The editorial advice, suggestions, and product evaluations that we provide are not in any way impacted by our commercial partners, whether they be internal or external. We are open and honest about how we generate money as well as how we assess things.

We are now working to assemble an editorial staff that is representative of the wide range of economic circumstances experienced by our readership. We embrace and promote experiences and points of view that help us connect with our readers, answer the issues they have, and win their trust as much as possible.

The guiding ideas

Every reader ought to have access to information that is fair, comprehensive, and correct.

Our articles encourage economic fairness and are designed to be of assistance to all readers in their pursuit of sound financial footing.

Our sources are varied and can be relied upon to be reliable. We are looking for a financial consumer advocate that is an expert in their field. We don’t utilize sources without names very often, and when we do, we always explain our reasoning.

Our analyses of various financial products are completely impartial. In order to provide our readers with the knowledge necessary to make well-informed choices, the editorial material we produce analyzes and contrasts various financial solutions and raises awareness of healthier alternatives.

Editorial Independence

The opinions presented in our product reviews are entirely subjective and are derived from in-depth research, careful analysis, and extensive comparisons with other items in the same category.

Evaluations of items are conducted in a way that is impartial, truthful, and based on the characteristics of the products themselves.

Follow Cost’s business partners and advertising do not have any effect on the product reviews or any editorial choices made by the website.

The performance evaluations and salaries of our editorial staff are not impacted in any way by positive or negative product reviews, nor are they influenced by business partners or advertising.

Verification of facts and amendments

Each and every piece of editorial material is fact-checked to ensure that it is up-to-date, accurate, and relevant. As of the date of publishing each article, Follow Cost makes every effort to ensure that the information included within is accurate.

Each and every piece of information is put through a thorough fact-checking process that includes copy editors, assignment editors, and authors.

Our authors depend on primary sources and authoritative sources, such as interviews and websites run by the government and various industries, statistics, and documents, to guarantee that our information is as understandable and comprehensive as it can possibly be.

  • When we make a factual error, we post a correction on the article where the error occurred. Readers may contact us at info@followcost.com to report mistakes or register complaints, or reach us by filling out directly.